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Personality test

A personality test helping the user choose the right drink for him
Are you a highly driven business executive, young techie with a start-up vision, or a freelance professional working online? find out.
A Netflix-branded viral personality test lets participants check which character they are.
How prepared are you for the holiday expenses? Personality test on behalf of the Israeli Bank Hapoalim.
Bank Hapoalim | Leading Israeli bank
A personality test to determine the best car for you, as part of a car purchase loan campaign.
Isracard | Financial services company
New year's campaign of the sports brand Garmin. Get your year summary and share it with your friends.
Personality test checking compatibility for a career in Hightech
Malam | The largest IT services group in Israel
Personality test with the meat brand Zoglovek checking are you a good host for watching the World Cup games
Sport5 | Israel's #1 sports site, TV channel
This Swiss company personality test by Mako allows users to check how they sleep, in comparison to others
Mako | News site in Israel, TV channel
Personality test designed to help users choose the right cloud solution for their business
Malam | The largest IT services group in Israel