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Collect leads

Are you a highly driven business executive, young techie with a start-up vision, or a freelance professional working online? find out.
The cyber company created a fantastic trivia game to engage potential customers and collect new leads for their saas platform.
Armo | Cyber Company
The Israeli Data Conference - vote for the best lecture in your opinion
Eternity | Aman group
National Geographic Expeditions Trivia
National Geographic
Poll of the best Mashable website deals of 2023
Are you tech-savvy? Test your knowledge of the new Samsung smartphone in this trivia game
A registration form featuring the club's membership card that dynamically updates with the applicant's answers
CiNet | CEOs helping CEOs succeed network
This lead form is a game-changer, making you feel like it's personally analyzing your website
Digital Data Capital | Digital & Data Agency
TikTok for startups collecting leads for the intermediate program
TikTok Israel
Heinken branded trivia game,featuring a form to collect leads, and a timer for each question
G Group | Israeli digital advertising agency